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  The Supernatural Police Department (SPD) has been protecting the community from vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves and other dangerous supernatural creatures for decades. The SPD are also proficient at dealing with other, less dangerous supernatural beings such as pixies and mermaids.  Our officers are experts in their fields when it comes to dealing with all kinds of supernatural phenomena, and are prepared for any challenge that may arise. Every officer in the SPD is dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those within the community, and each has taken an oath to serve with honour and respect. 



This is the official site of the Supernatural Police Department, and as such, is fully endorsed by the Supernatural Department of Affairs.  

This website was implemented to inform members of the public about the SPD, our role in society and our powers in relation to Supernatural Beings. We will also provide advice to protect you and your loved ones against the evils that’s lurk within your community.


  Be safe, be alert, and be sure to know that the Supernatural Police Department will always be there.  Our website is constantly being updated so return regularly to ensure you are concurrent with the latest information regarding the SPD and Supernatural Beings. 

Paranormal Activity Unit coming soon

Do you possess the ability to connect with the spirit world? Can you sense or see things others cannot? Have you had an experience that can’t be explain by conventional methods? Are you interested in paranormal phenomena? If the answer is yes, we welcome you to join the S.P.D. Paranormal Activity Unit. The Paranormal Activity Unit, or P.A.U. does not involve itself with the criminal element of the supernatural world, but rather focuses on the unexplained, unsolved and mysterious events and activities that occur daily.

The S.P.D. understands that not all things can be explained with logic and reason, which is why we have initiated the P.A.U. Many people are confronted by supernatural or paranormal entities, or experience other worldly phenomena that cannot be explained, and for this reason, we at the S.P.D. believe it necessary to form an independent unit to specifically deal with paranormal activity. 

For the uninitiated, the paranormal, much like the supernatural, is an event or perception that is beyond the normal experience and without scientific explanation. All to often paranormal activity is brushed aside or ignored by those who refuse to look beyond the conceived notions of the known world. However, here at the S.P.D. we seek to investigate and explain paranormal activity for the betterment of mankind. 

We are seeking a wide variety of members; those who possess knowledge of the paranormal, those who can communicate or interact with other worldly lifeforces and those wishing to learn and discover more about paranormal activity. All that is required is an open mind to things that cannot ‘yet’ be explained. Any inquiries or questions regarding the P.A.U. please don’t hesitate to send us an email.


Non-terrestrial Investigations Unit coming soon

Do you have an interest in non-terrestrial beings and unidentified flying objects? Do you believe in the existence of lifeforms from other planets? Do you have information or personal knowledge of the existence of aliens? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, we invite you to join the Supernatural Police Departments Non-terrestrial Investigations Unit. The Non-terrestrial Investigations Unit, or N.I.U., is being created to allow those who believe in, or wish to discover more about those entities, living or mechanical, that exist in in vastness of outer space…or possibly here, on planet earth.

The purpose of the N.I.U. is to gather evidence and information pertaining to all things non-terrestrial. This data will be put forward to its members in an open forum for discussion and further evaluation. As a member of the N.I.U. you are given the opportunity to include any evidence, information or photographs you that will aid in our investigation.

While investigating non-terrestrial life is our paramount concern, we also encourage members to incorporate stories, pictures, drawing, cartoons or any other art concerning space and the mysterious entities contained within (we do like to have a little bit of fun here at the S.P.D!).

Joining details for becoming a member to the N.I.U. will be available shortly. Any further enquiries please send us an email, our support staff are always happy to provide information and advice. 




Like human beings, Supernatural Beings are protected by laws, legislation and statutes to ensure their liberties and freedoms are not encroached upon. Certain laws governing Supernatural Beings allow humans to protect themselves against an attack from an unworldly creature, however, humans are not allowed to randomly attack, injure or kill a supernatural being without lawful reason. Civil libertarians have ensured ungodly creatures have certain protectoral rights. The laws governing Supernatural Beings are like those associated with humans therefore it is important they are adhered to.

The SPD only deals with offences committed by Supernatural Beings, not humans. The SPD was initiated to ensure the safety of the public against other worldly creatures, while actively pursing Supernatural Beings for offences committed against the Supernatural Being Act 2019. Unless your personal safety is at risk of injury or death, Supernatural Beings should be left to their own devices and not interfered with. This is the job of the SPD. Simply let us know the location of the unearthly entity and the SPD will do the rest. The Supernatural Police Department has a motto DEFENDE NOS IN PROELIO which translates to DEFEND US IN BATTLE, and that’s exactly what we will do. We will defend humanity against the evils that lurk in the dark, that prey on the innocent and use their ungodly powers against mankind. 




Here at the SPD we believe it is important to ‘know your enemy’ and as such have provided a comprehensive overview of the most common Supernatural Beings. This information has been compiled by our SPD experts so you can be assured of its validity. If you seek further details regarding a supernatural creature that isn’t on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The SPD website also provides a list of Supernatural Being Offences as per Supernatural Being Act 2019. (Please note, this is a concise description of Supernatural Being offences. Refer to this act for a full list and precise wording of offences). These laws are specific to all Supernatural Beings and provides the SPD with the lawful foundations upon which action can be taken against any illegal activity.  

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The Supernatural Police Department worldwide headquarters is located in New York City. To accommodate the public we have stations all over the world. To find your nearest one simply call or send an email.

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 This website is for entertainment purposes only. All content and characters herein are fictional. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Please enjoy the site.