'militibus noctis'

... Who are we ...

To work only in the dark, hunting creatures that possess strength, speed and intellect unlike any other is truly a dangerous task. There are few who have the courage, nerve and audacity to do such a thing. Those few are known as Alpha Team.

 The vampire is the greatest threat to humanity, which is why those chosen for Alpha Team are the finest officers in the SPD. You send the best to hunt the worst, simple as that! The motto for Team Alpha is ‘militibus noctis’, Latin for ‘Soldiers of the night’, which is exactly what they are. Valiant soldiers who are put in the most dangerous situation every night, rain, hail, snow or clear skies. Vampires dislike the sun, holy water and crosses, but their one true fear is Team Alpha. 

Alpha team is broken into three squads - Alpha One, Alpha Two, and Alpha Three. Each team consists of 5 officers with a Sergeant Team Leader at the Helm. 



alpha Team Leaders

Sergeant Gregori ZUKOV 0753

Alpha One - Team Leader

To catch the world’s most dangerous predator, you need the world’s best hunter, and there is no better than ZUKOV. The Russian born giant spent most of his formative years in Romania, birth place of Count Dracula. His father was a Professor of History who endlessly studied vampires. His passion was passed onto his son, who continued his father’s work. ZUKOV was not content with merely studying the creatures, he wanted more. 

At the request of the Commissioner, ZUKOV moved to the US to try his hand at being an SPD officer. He dominated at the SPD academy, excelling in every aspect of it. He was immediately placed in Alpha Team to exert influence and pass his vast knowledge onto the crew. It quickly became apparent ZUKOV had found his niche. He rose up the ranks to become Sergeant in record time. 

The ‘Russian bear’ as he is affectionately known, rarely uses his brawn to capture vampires, he prefers to use cunning and wit to outsmart and outmanoeuvre the demons of the night. 

Sergeant Piper WILIAMS 1010

Alpha Two - Team Leader

  WILLIAMS has the honour of being the first, and so far, only female to reach the rank of Sergeant on Alpha Team. This achievement didn’t come easily. Attaining a position in Team Alpha is hard enough, earning the title of Sergeant is near impossible. 

Throughout her career WILLIAMS’ continued bravery and diligence in the field was noticed by her peers. Her leadership skills became apparent when her team accidently happened upon a clan of vampires. Chaos ensued and her Sergeant was fatally wounded. WILLIAMS showed initiative and took charge, giving vital instructions to the rest of her team. Not only did they manage to take down the entire clan of vampires, but they also saved 11 civilians. Her courage, bravery and leadership saw her awarded the Silver Sword Medal, an honour bestowed on but a few.

Her continued work ethic and personal courage ensures her place amongst the finest leaders in Alpha Team.

Sergeant Ulysses FIRESTONE 0096

Alpha Three - Team Leader

  He may be the oldest member of Team Alpha but FIRESTONE, or ‘Stonewall’ as he is known to his colleagues is one tough officer. Often joked as being older then Count Dracula, FIRESTONE is a formidable opponent, never backing down from a confrontation with any creature, particularly a vampire. Over his storied career he has captured and slayed more vampires then any other officer in SPD history.

His ‘old school’ ways have endeared him to the up and coming members of Team Alpha, always willing to offer advice and guidance without hesitation. He has faced countless dangers over the years and has the scars to prove it, but each one of those scars has an amazing story behind it.

“Stonewall” will continue to lead Alpha Team Three for many years to come. As is his resilience, he has been quoted as saying “the only way I am leaving the SPD is in a wooden box”.


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