'Virtutis est praemium'

... Who are we ...

 It is no coincidence the Werewolf crew is coded as Bravo, a word derived from the Spanish term meaning brave. Werewolves are relentless beings, they are possessed by the evils inside them and will stop at nothing to hunt down their prey. Once transfixed, the werewolf is almost unstoppable…almost. 

Members of Bravo Team pride themselves in being courageous, living by the motto ‘virtutis est praemium’ meaning ‘bravery is its own reward’. They have a well-deserved reputation as being hardest crew in all the SPD. They fear nothing and relish the nights where the moon is high and full, for they know what is coming, for many it is a time of terror, but for Bravo Team, its show time. 

Bravo team is broken into three squads - Bravo One, Bravo Two, and Bravo Three. Each team consists of 5 officers with a Sergeant Team Leader at the Helm.


Bravo Team Leaders

Sergeant Max HELLDOG 0023

Sergeant Max HELLDOG

Bravo One - Team Leader

HELLDOG was recruited after being identified as possessing a rare stream of the werewolf virus which allowed him to control his impulses and change into a werewolf whenever he desired. 

This made him a formidable beat officer for many years and greatly feared. HELLDOG was subsequently one of the original members of the then, newly formed,  elite Bravo Team. He soon became the  departments most prolific werewolf hunter and interrogator.  Due to his condition, he shares a unique relationship amongst the werewolf community.

HELLDOG is highly respected by his team and the department was honoured to promote him to Sergeant Team Leader Bravo 1. 

Sergeant Bear ASHER 1009


Bravo Two - Team Leader

ASHER graduated from the SPD Academy with distinctions in tracking, navigation, and physical aptness. To this day, ASHER holds the record for the 2.4 kilometre. He has also shown a proficiency to be methodical and think strategically.

His ability to track his targets made him an ideal officer for Bravo Team. His reputation is built on reliability, speed, and accuracy. 

ASHER is the newest of the Team Leaders however has already performed well with Bravo 2 recently uncovering a network of clandestine Werewolf dens hidden within this very city. 

Sergeant Eric HUNTER 0086


 Bravo Three - Team Leader

HUNTER and HELLDOG were sworn into the SPD together. Both worked the beat on the same team and soon gained a reputation for being a ruthless duo.  This was only exacerbated by the competitive nature between the pair. 

HUNTER was promoted to a Sergeant Team Leader of Generals however, it soon became apparent to the department that HUNTER's leadership and specialist skills were more suited for Bravo Team .

HUNTER became Sergeant Team Leader of Bravo 3 once the unit was expanded. His leadership, knowledge, and experience make him a respected leader.

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