'omnia videmus et audi omnia'

... Who are we ...

The men and woman in Team Charlie are colloquially known as the ‘Cerebral Assassins’ due to their cognitive prowess and psychological fortitude. Facing off against a wizard or witch who has spent a lifetime conjuring up spells is no mean feat, but members of Team Charlie are more than equal to the task. 

They, unlike any other SPD officers, require mental strength and intellectual speed and must be proficient in thousands of spells and hexes to stave off any possible attack from their foes. The ‘Cerebral Assassins’ are as unique as they are talented, and ensure society is safe from any demonic witchcraft. ‘omnia videmus et audi omnia’ or ‘We see all and hear all’ exemplifies the members of Team Charlie and their enduring fight against the evils of witchery. 

Charlie team is broken into three squads - Charlie One, Charlie Two, and Charlie Three. Each team consists of 5 officers with a Sergeant Team Leader at the Helm.


Charlie Team Leaders

Sergeant Cheryl MALONEY 0094

Charlie One - Team Leader


MALONEY is the number one spell caster in all the SPD. Simple as that. There is no better person to lead Charlie One. She is a fourth generation White Witch that has been practicing witchcraft before she could walk.

Initially a facilitator and mentor at the SPD Academy, MALONEY taught thousand of SPD recruits before she decided to take the plunge and become a sworn member. 

MALONEY mastered all the techniques, smashed all the classes and funnily enough, topped the magic and spell programs. Immediately sent to Team Charlie, it wasn’t long before MALONEY was put on the streets standing beside those she taught the intricacies of witchcraft to.

Her peers looked on in ore as she bettered the most dangerous witches and warlock, time after time. Her exemplary skills and work ethic demanded she be utilised as a leader, which is why the Sergeants role is so fitting for MALONEY. 

Sergeant David KUUN 0298

Charlie Two - Team Leader


Very few people can do what KUUN can, and that is a good thing, because possessing that much power can be a very dangerous. Luckily for the SPD KUUN is on our side. KUUN holds the Academy record for most spells completed in one minute, a feat that has not been bettered in over ten years. 

His speed and prowess with the wand is legendary. The mention of his name sends shivers down the spine of his adversaries. No enemy has come wand to wand with KUUN and lived to tell the tale. What makes him an exemplary leader is his eagerness to pass on his wisdom and knowledge of the black and white arts to his team members without  hesitation.

If that is not enough to prove that KUUN belongs in the role of Sergeant in Team Charlie, we will include a quote from his mentor and academy facilitator Sergeant MALONEY to iterate the point “There is no better or faster spell caster in the world today. His wizardry will be that of a new generation, a wizardry never before seen”.

Sergeant Peta Van Der GRAAF 1063

Charlie Three - Team Leader

Spells, hexes, incantations, rituals, Van Der GRAAF can do it all. As student of Sergeant MALONEY, Van Der GRAAFs pedigree can not be disputed. A South African native, she grew up deep in the heart of the wilderness where few men tread. Her townspeople worshipped supernatural beings and spirits for guidance and safety as well as or health and prosperity. GRAFF embraced those traditions and put them to good use as a member of the SPD.

Being surrounded by shaman and witches her whole life, Van Der GRAAF is well suited amongst good and evil spellbinders, and has learnt all the tricks of the trade to engage and defeat those that dare challenge her. Her legendary status on the broomstick is folklore legend in SPD circles, and she easily able to outmanoeuvre any being, human or supernatural that attempts to take her on.

Van Der GRAAF also exhibits excellent leadership qualities, and is always happy to guide new, and not so new officers in the right direction. 

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