'et honorem'

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Members of Delta Team walk among the dead, and do so without fear or terror. In fact, they relish every step they take when pursuing the undead, for they know theirs is truly a job for the unforgiving. Delta's are known amongst the Department to possess the darkest of humour and also be some of the most adventurous members you will ever come across.

Zombies often roam in large groups, ensuring Team Delta are always put through their paces. Disposing of a zombie is no mean feat, it requires physical strength and precision which is why Team Delta are constantly training and learning new methods to fight the never-ending hordes of the undead. They pride themselves in being the toughest crew within the SPD, as is evident in their motto ‘et honorem’ which means ‘strength and honour’. 

Delta team is broken into three squads - Delta One, Delta Two, and Delta Three. Each team consists of 5 officers with a Sergeant Team Leader at the Helm.


delta Team Leaders

Sergeant Tracey McDOUGALL 0563

Sergeant Max HELLDOG

Delta One - Team Leader

McDOUGALL, or Mac as her SPD co-workers call her, is a fiery Scot with a lot of energy. Previously a sharp shooter for the British Army, Mac joined the British SPD and soon climbed the ranks to become the first woman anywhere in the world to reach the rank of Captain within the SPD.

While she was honoured to obtain this illustrious position, but her desire for hunting zombies overcame her, and she asked to return to Delta Team. Hearing this, the US SPD instantly contacted Mac and asked her to jump the Atlantic and join Delta Team in New York, an offer which she accepted without hesitation.

Mac is revered by her team as fearsome leader, a persistent motivator and one hell of a zombie hunter and the US SPD are a better organisation for having her on their side.

Sergeant Brian WILLIAMS 0106


Delta Two - Team Leader

  WILLIAMS has been with the SPD since he was 19. His 30+ years in the job have made him a legend. Initially WILLIAMS was highly skilled at spells and hexes and spent many years with Charlie Team. However, this all changed when a close family member was attacked and killed by zombies. After this, he focused his attention on the undead.

After switching to Team Delta WILLIAMS soon became frustrated with equipment that was allocated to him and took it upon himself to create an axe handle that can quickly be detached from the axe head. This ensures that if the axe head gets stuck in a zombie the handle can be removed and reloaded with a fresh axe head, ready to be used immediately. This axe is now standard issue for all Delta Team members.

WILLIAMS puts his subordinate’s safety above his own and has done so time and time again. For this, he has garnered nothing but respect and admiration from all those in the SPD.

Sergeant Manuel RODRIQUEZ 0326


Delta Three - Team Leader


Known as Hot Rod, RODRIQUEZ brings passion and excitement to his role as Team Leader of Delta Three. A former member of the NYPD, Hot Rod had conquered his role as one of New York's finest and wanted to sink his teeth into a new adventure, which is why he joined the SPD.

The skills he obtained in the NYPD made for a smooth transition to the SPD and he graduated the SPD Academy ‘summa cum laude’. RODRIQUEZ’s exemplary work ethic is second only to his leadership skills which seen him seconded to Teams Bravo and Echo. Hot Rods true passion is ridding the world of the undead, which is why he always returns to Team Delta.

RODRIQUEZ has seen it all and lived to tell the tale. He is currently the only officer in the history of the SPD to survive a zombie, witch and werewolf attack. There is no tougher officer in the organisation.

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