'Timor non Est Optio'

... Who are we ...

Ghosts are the only beings that can disobey the laws of man and the laws of physics, giving them virtually limitless abilities. Fighting an evil that is invisible, that can walk through walls, that can touch, but cannot be touched sounds like an impossible mission, but those in Echo Team relish every moment of action. The team’s motto ‘timor non est optio’ or ‘Fear is not an option’ precisely describes the mental fortitude of each member. 

Colloquially known as the ‘Ghost Whisperers’, Echo Team are an elite squad trained to delve into the mind and soul of the ghost, a process that is referred to as ‘over-haunting’. This requires nerves of steel, a courageous disposition and absolute focus, as one wrong move could spell disaster. Ghosts beware, as with Echo Team, the haunter has become the haunted.  

Echo team is broken into three squads - Echo One, Echo Two, and Echo Three. Each team consists of 5 officers with a Sergeant Team Leader at the Helm.


Echo Team Leaders

Sergeant Freddie BOWIE 1247

Sergeant Max HELLDOG

Echo One - Team Leader

BOWIE has long been a stalwart with Team Echo. A self-confessed workaholic, Bowie is referred to as the ‘Ghost in Grey’ by his colleagues, as he is forever wandering the halls of the station. BOWIE devised the ‘HH’ or ‘hunt haunting’ method of extracting spirits and ghosts over a decade ago. So successful has this been, it is now a staple amongst the SPD worldwide

Considered the departments foremost expert on spirits, apparitions and all things ghostly, BOWIE often lectures at universities and colleges to instil his vast wealth of knowledge upon those wishing to learn about the shadows that haunt the darkness.

BOWIE is rarely away from his post for too long, as the thrill of the chase drags him back every time. Under his tutelage, Team Echo are the best in the business, simple as that.  

Sergeant Nyah ZINA 1044


Echo Two - Team Leader

ZINA has long been involved with the spirits from the ‘other side’. Her ancestors have for centuries passed down rituals to ceremonies to keep them connect to the spirit world. ZINA has gathered all this knowledge and brought it to the SPD.

ZINAs ability to be able to connect with the shadows of the night make her an invaluable member of the SPD. No other officer possesses the capacity to contact those on the other side as ZINA does. Her diligence and work acumen are second to none, with no job being to big or too small. This strong work ethic and positive outlook is why she was awarded the position of Sergeant. 

Apart from being a pillar of wisdom, ZINAs friendly nature is accompanied by her preparedness to offer and advice and guidance to her fellow officers, which is why she is placed in such high regard by all of those in the SPD.

Sergeant Rae DEANT 0998


 Echo Three - Team Leader


DEANT is well versed in the afterlife, after all, she has been there twice before! Previously a member of Bravo Team, she was attacked on two separate occasion by werewolves and came close to death both times, but each time her resilience shone through and she fought her way back from the light. This insight has become invaluable with her role in Echo Team.

DEANT can separate her inner essence from her physical body, inherently becoming an apparition. With this extraordinary power, she can enter the other world of ghosts and spirits to communicate and connect with them. This ability is known to exist exclusively with DEANT, making her very unique.


When DEANT isn’t wandering through the shadows as an SPD officer, she can be located at the SPD academy providing staff and recruits with invaluable information about those who dwell in the afterlife and the other world. 

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