'Acri Velox Sapientes'

... Who are we ...

Wily, devious, mischievous and cunning. There are many words that describe the supernatural beings Team Foxtrot interact with daily. Those creatures may not be physically imposing, but they are apt at creating chaos and being disruptive. They also have a propensity to exhibit serious violent behaviour. For these reasons, their motto, ‘acri velox sapientes’ or ‘quick, sharp, wise’ is very fitting. 

The supernatural beings under the Foxtrot banner far outnumber those of any other team, giving them the reputation as the hardest working unit within the SPD. Team Foxtrot are often forced into precarious situations that could bring them injury or death, a fact that only urges them on. Danger comes in many different shapes and sizes for members of Team Foxtrot, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Foxtrot team is broken into three squads - Foxtrot One, Foxtrot Two, and Foxtrot Three. Each team consists of 5 officers with a Sergeant Team Leader at the Helm.


Foxtrot Team Leaders

Sergeant Roger CONNERY 1321

Sergeant Max HELLDOG

Foxtrot One - Team Leader


There is no person on this earth quicker with a net then CONNERY. He has caught more fugitive supernatural creatures then any other person. He relishes a hunt through a forest in pursuit of an outlaw pixie or wanted fairy. CONNERY is like a rabid wolverine when he is on a case, and he will stop at nothing until the case is solved.

CONNERY is also well versed in all things supernatural. He has encyclopedia knowledge of all the creatures that dwell in the forest and knows all too well their strengths and weaknesses. He has been a victim of over a dozen pixie, fairy and sprite attacks, and lived to tell the tales. 

He was chosen as a leader for Foxtrot Team for his pure grit and determination. His subordinates would follow him to the ends of the earth, and with CONNERYs record, one day they may have to! 

Sergeant Daisy Le ROCHE 1477


Foxtrot Two - Team Leader


Le ROCHE has an insight into the forest dwellers as very few other people do. She was raised by pixies and fairies in a forest near Toulouse, France. She was stolen by a herd of fairies from her parents’ home when she was 3 months old and for the first 11 years of her life she lived and breathed the supernatural being life. She was eventually rescued by a group of hikers and returned to her real parents. 

In those eleven years, Le ROCHE learnt all the secret and habits of a variety of supernatural creatures, such as pixies, fairies, sprites, leprechauns and elves. She passed this vital knowledge on to the SPD which allowed for great insight into the once mysterious world of the forest dwellers.

Le ROCHE is classed as a traitor and a deserter by many evil mystical creatures, and as such a price is on her head for her apparent ‘betrayal’. Those threats do not concern Le ROCHE, in fact, she is proud to be on their most wanted list.   

Sergeant Ling HU 1288


Foxtrot Three - Team Leader

HU has spent time in Team Bravo and Team Charlie and mastered the skills required to take on werewolves and witches. Up for a new challenge, he requested a move to Foxtrot Team to try his hand with the mystical creatures. For man so apt at dealing with extremely dangerous werewolves and treacherous witches, he was surprised that forest dwellers could be just as devious and deadly.

HU made it his mission to learn all he could about mythical creatures, examining every know fact and detail about them. From this, he devised a hunting method referred to as the ‘Wolf Pack’. This method of capturing supernatural beings has since been a staple with the SPD.

HUs leadership skills are also second to none and his position as leader of Foxtrot Team Three ensures his subordinates are always going to be on the winning side.  

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