'fortis honestus diligentem'



The Guardians of the SPD are a special branch that consist of people that are too young, that are young at heart, have a physical impairment or other unique trait that prevent them from being able to be fully fledged Supernatural Police Officers. Here at the SPD, we believe that inclusion from all members of society only benefits our organisation, which is why the ‘Guardians’ were established. Members of the Guardian squad are in integral part of the SPD, as they are the eyes and ears of the department. Their role is to inform the SPD about any crime or unlawful act being committed by a supernatural being, or any suspicious behaviour that may be taking place. Guardians are also vital informants of any supernatural phenomena that may be occurring. As Guardians, you report directly to a supervisor working for the SPD. The supervisor, usually a Sergeant, is on shift 24/7, ready to take your important call or email.

Guardians are a vital part of the SPD. Utilising their special talents, the Guardians have assisted the SPD in stopping countless crimes and halting any dangerous supernatural phenomena. Without the Guardians, whole communities would be in constant threat from any number of treacherous supernatural beings. The Commissioner himself has been quoted as saying “The SPD heavily relies on the Guardians for information, details and evidence in the fight against ungodly creatures. They are the backbone of our organisation. They are brave, unwavering, honest and diligent. The SPD cannot thank them enough for their continued support and hard work. Every Guardian deserves a medal for the time and effort they put in for making the community a safer place”. The words of the Commissioner ring out from every section of the SPD. We simply could not operate as efficiently and effectively without the Guardians.

As is the importance of the Guardians, the Commissioner has implemented a special recruitment package, allowing them to be official sworn members of the SPD in a Guardian capacity. They will be assigned their own personal registration number, and be offered the opportunity to secure yourself various Guardian packs and equipment such as a Guardian Badge, shirt, hat, and epaulettes,  in the near future!!!  The Guardians will also have the opportunity to attend formal and informal meetings and gatherings. Keep a close eye to this website for further details in relation to becoming a Guardian.

- SPD Guardians

~ fortis honestus diligentem ~ (brave, honest, diligent)


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