S.P.D. 'Guardian' Membership AVAILABLE NOW ONLY $7USD

The team at the Supernatural Police Department want to thank you all for your continued support. The emails and Facebook posts are appreciated by all of us here. We are glad to announce that membership for the ‘Guardian’ unit has now opened. The unit is an exclusive division of the S.P.D. that allows its members to be a part of organization that deals with all manner of supernatural beings and phenomena. The ‘Guardians’ are an inclusive unit and membership is available to all members of society regardless of age, race, religion, physical or mental impairment or sexual orientation. You can also nominate a person you know who wants to be a ‘Guardian’, all that is required is the nominees name and designated code name* they wish to use. 

For the special introductory ONCE ONLY fee of $7USD you will receive your exclusive S.P.D. ‘Guardian’ Identification card and certificate of membership (to be sent via email). You will also be allocated an individual registration number (registration numbers start from 5000 and cannot be individually chosen) and allowed to choose your designated code name* that will be placed on your I.D. card and used for communication purposes (code name must NOT be longer than eleven letters). THIS IS A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP and NO FURTHER PAYMENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO REMAIN A S.P.D. 'GUARDIAN'.

Also available 'S.P.D.' USB, pen and 'Guardian' lanyard (sold separately and are not included in membership). An S.P.D. t-shirt will also be released in the near future.

Coming soon for members is an interactive area where all things supernatural and paranormal will be discussed. You will be able to include stories of your interactions with other worldly entities as well as provide personal insights into your thoughts about supernatural creatures and paranormal phenomena. We also encourage persons who possess powers or special abilities to join up and provide an understanding of your capabilities. This may include abilities such as healing, telepathy visionary, psychic... whatever it maybe, we want to hear from you! 


If you proclaim yourself to be a witch, vampire or any other form of supernatural creature we would appreciate your valued opinion also. The S.P.D. are inclusive of EVERYONE, human or other being. So please don’t hesitate to join up.  

The purpose of this interactive area is to explore the unexplained, examine the unimaginable and learn about the inconceivable. SO JOIN NOW!

*IMPORTANT EXCLAIMER: Designated code names will not be accepted if they are racist, sexist, misogynist or anything similar that would be deemed offensive to ANY member of society. Designated code names must NOT be longer than eleven (11) letters or numbers in length. You can choose something simple such as your first or last name (JOHN, SMITH), a nickname (JOHNNY. SMITHY), or a character from television, film or novel . You can also mix letters with numbers (JOHNN1). All code names will be vetted for approval prior to being designated.

artists wanted

We want to display your work!

Do you like to draw, paint or have a knack for animation? Here at the S.P.D we are keen to explore the hidden artistic talents of our members and as such, we are giving members the chance to submit their work to the S.P.D. to be placed on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. All submissions will be viewed each month by a panel of S.P.D. staff and the top three will be proudly displayed on our social media sites the following month. Prizes will also be awarded to the top art work of the month. If you wish to submit your work, you must first join the S.P.D. ‘Guardian’ unit. Once you have joined you will be given your registration number and your designated code name and can commence sending your work. 

Being involved with supernatural and paranormal activity, work should focus around those two topics along with anything involving police or policing. Your work will not be considered if it offensive or derogatory in anyway. So, join up and send us your best work team. (Joining instructions below) 

Joining instructions

Your details below as per instructions:

To complete your 'Guardian' unit membership, pay the $7USD joining fee then email the following:



Email address: 

Designated code name (must not be longer than eleven letters or numbers):

(If you are nominating a person to be a 'Guardian' please provide the nominees name for our records and their designated code name).



'Guardian' Membership AVAILABLE NOW

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Begin your Supernatural Police Department adventure by becoming a 'Guardian' TODAY. This entitles you to an Identification Card (to be sent in the mail) and a Certificate of Membership to the Guardian Unit (to be emailed). Please follow the joining instructions above to ensure we can complete your membership. 


Essential 'Supernatural Police Department' USB

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Store all you essential files on this reliable S.P.D. USB


'S.P.D.' Pen and 'Guardian' Lanyard package.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

High quality 'Supernatural Police Department' pen for writing down all your supernatural worldly events and a 'Guardian' lanyard (pictured above) for carrying keys and other personal items.