Supernatural Police Department










Unfortunately there is no planned SPD recruitment coming up at this stage. However, there is a still a role potential future SPD members can play. Please join our GUARDIAN program and become community watchers reporting to us any supernatural offences observed. This role is strictly an observe and report one.  Protect the community - Become a GUARDIAN!

Recruitment Pre-Requisites


Do you identify as a Supernatural Being

Although not crucial, the SPD is regarded as one of the most diverse working outfits around being nominated as an advocate for Supernatural Being Employment. We encourage and implore any member of the public who is a Supernatural Being to come join us in the battle against Supernatural offenders. Please note, all members who identify as Supernatural will be required to provide an example of the powers or abilities they posses.

Previous Life Experience

The incidents and ever changing environment officers at the SPD are exposed to require the ability to adapt. Potential recruits who demonstrate they have a wide range of life experience are encouraged to join as the skills learnt are transferable to the public safety sector. 

Physical and Agility Test

 It is no secret that SPD officers are some of the fittest people around. The harsh physical nature of our work requires officers to be not only physically apt but also agile. We deal with some of the strongest, fastest creatures and offenders around. The physical test consists of an urban simulator chase, beep test, agility test, hang test, and werewolf drag.

Psychological Test and Academic writing

 Psychological stability is a must. SPD officers are not only exposed to dark, heinous crimes, but also very strange and sometime surreal situations that make the average civilian question their own self. Having the ability to be mentally strong and endure is a key skills required to become an SPD officer.

As with all government careers, report writing is a large proportion of the work that is done whilst being an SPD officer. Having the ability to write concise, accurate, and legible work is a must.

Scenario Based Exercise

Potential recruits will be scrutinised over two days of scenario based exercises. They will include scenarios involving various interactions with Supernatural beings as well as competent based exercises such as an urban simulator chase, weapons proficiency, and vehicle pursuits.

Written Exam and Interview

 All prospective recruits will be expected to participate in a written exam and subsequent panel interview to determine suitability.



Our recruiting process is not for the faint of heart. The SPD only accepts the best of the best, and as such, becoming apart of the SPD is not an easy task. If you are chosen as a nominee to participate in the preliminary recruiting phase, you will face a series of rigorous tests that will challenge your physical and mental abilities. Even if you pass them all, there is no guarantee you will be accepted into the SPD Academy. During the testing phase, the scenario component will be aided by actual Supernatural Beings (yes that’s right, not all Supernatural Beings are evil, in fact, they are a vital element in the recruiting process).

The below information provides details of the tests involved in the preliminary recruiting phase. As a nominee, participation is compulsory in the following:

Psychological test

This test focuses on the nominees behavioural and emotional disposition along with personality traits and cognitive reasoning. There are 300 questions and no time limit. 

Academic exam

This exam measures your problem-solving abilities, learning skills and critical thinking. The exam consists of 50 questions in math, verbal, logic and abstract reasoning. You have to complete as many questions as you can within the allocated 30 minute time frame.  

Zombie take down and drag

You must physically take down a zombie (relax, it’s a human pretending to be zombie) restrain it to ensure it is immobile then drag the zombie 100 metres (330 feet).  

Yeti wrestle

You and three other nominees will have to work together to safely apprehend a 300 kilogram (660 pound) Yeti. And YES, it is a real Yeti, her name is Ulonda (she is usually lovely, but during the scenario she is quite a handful). 

Potion mixing test

In teams of two, one nominee will be given a potion of some description and the other will have to formulate an antidote before the potion activates. If not correctly done in time, the potion taker will die (not really, the nominee usually turns purple or green). Nominees will then swap roles.  


Pixie Chase

You and one other nominee will both be given a pixie catching net. Two pixies and one fairy, both respected employees of the SPD, will be set free in an allocated area (usually the basketball court). You and your partner must then catch, or attempt to catch, the pixies and fairy. This test consists of three levels. Level one is easy. Level three… well all we can say is good luck!  

Vampire hunt, the final challenge

This will test your speed, agility, weapon handling skills, resilience and fear level. In our specially designed scenario arena, you and one other nominee will both be given weapons (paint ball guns for safety reasons) and your mission is to hunt down and neutralise two vampires. These vampires, both actual vampires and Supernatural Police Department employees, will push you to your absolute limits. This scenarios allows the vampires to act on their own instincts, they will not physically harm you, but they will hunt you much like you are hunting them. 

What happens next?

Once completed, tests scores are evaluated to the highest standard. Being physically capable is one thing, being mentally prepared for the challenges that you will face as an SPD Officer are another. The psychological and academic components are as important, if not more important than the physical and scenario testing. If you make the grade, you will be notified and given further instructions. If you are unsuccessful, you will be given reason as to why and a critique of your performance as a nominee will be sent. 

If you have questions about the recruiting process, please don’t hesitate to email us here at the SPD.